General Description

Medical Vision is a separate incorporated company (Medical Vision AB) developing products within the field of endoscopy. The company was founded in 2002 and is a Swedish registered entity based in Nacka, Sweden.

Medical Vision is outsourcing parts of the product realization processes, specifically manufacturing and assembly, shipping and distribution of products to qualified contractors and suppliers. Also design and development activities may from time to time be outsourced. When any activity is outsourced it will be controlled by clear contracts, which will specify the roles and responsibilities.

The CEO together with the VP Finance, the VP R&D, VP Sales & Marketing, and the VP QRM forms the Management Board, which holds the responsibility and authority of Top Management [ISO 9000 definition] and Management with executive responsibility [QSR definition] of the company, responsible for the day-to-day management of the company.

The CEO reports to the Board of Directors, who is responsible for the financial control, the longterm strategy of the company and is legally responsible for Medical Vision’s Account Statement.

This policy defines basic principles and standards that Medical Vision sees as relevant within company and from suppliers and contractors and other parties engaged through the supply chain.

Medical Vision is committed to ensure that this policy is effectively implemented, measured and monitored throughout the supply chain. To achieve this goal, we need support of our suppliers and contractors.

All employees within Medical Vision are encouraged to report suspected violations of the code of conduct to their supervisors or to the Chief Executive.

Medical Vision AB reserves the right to change part or all content of its Website without notice. Reproduction of Reserved Medical Vision AB videos and pictures are strictly forbidden without prior written consent
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