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Arthro-Tube Cassettes

Arthro-Tube product series are an enhanced and cost efficient tubing alternative to the FMS tubings, intended to be used and CE-marked accordingly with the FMS 4/4+ and FMS DUO/DUO+ pumps. These are some of the special features with Arthro-Tube:

  • A new connector Gore-Tex filter to preclude leakage
  • User friendly connectors
  • User friendly packaging (trays instead of plastic pouches)
  • Clear color markings
  • Clamp on the irrigation tubing to simplify setup
  • Cost effective

Note. To use Arthro-Tube in conjunction with the FMS pumps, a blue and red adapter is needed for correct fitting of the tubes to the holder.

Product Overview

Arthro-Tube product line consists of 3 different tubings. Artrho-Tube Day Set that connects the irrigation bags to the Irrigation tubing (Single) via the spikes and the pressure chamber, where the pressure is read through a Gore-Tex filter to a build-in transducer. The Patient Set consist of two (2) different tubes, the Single (or irrigation tube) connects the Day Set to the scope sheath and the Patient Set that connects the Shaver suction or the outflow cannula through the pump to the waste.

When doing an arthroscopy with both inflow and outflow you need a Arthro-Tube Day Set, which can reused for one surgical day, and a Arthro-Tube Patient Set, which is disposable and should be thrown away after every procedure. If the pump is used in inflow mode only you need Arthro-Tube Day Set (already mounted on the pump) and an Arthro-Tube Single.

Connecting the Arthro-Tube Day Set


  • Open the individual package as shown in Figure 1, remove the tubing set from the package. Close all three (3) clamps.


  • Remove the camp on one of the spikes. Connect the spike to a sterile saline bag (Figure 2). The second spike can be connected to a secondary spike in the same way.


  • Connect the tubing set to the pump by fixing the BLUE connector at the beginning of the pump segment into the BLUE holder (A) (Figure 3).


  • Place the tubing over the roller-pump device (B) and pres the fixing devices (C) + (D) over the tubing (Figure 4). Close the transparent plastic shield over the roller-pump device.


  • Place the pressure chamber in the position at the metallic arm on the pump. Connect the tubing with filter into the luer-lock connector for the pressure measurement on the pump (Figure 5). Make sure the connection is tight.


  • Open the clamp to the primary bag. Press the POWER-button (E) (Figure 6), then press the RUN/STOP-button (F) to start the pump. Immediately after fill the chamber to one-third with saline. The chamber should be held in vertical position during filling.

Connecting the Arthro-Tube Patient Set


  • Non-sterile operator: Open the individual package as shown. Use aseptic technique when opening the package. The package consists of an Irrigation Tubing and a Patient Cassette.
  • Sterile operator: The Irrigation Tubing (Double Pump Single) is loaded as described under Quicguide Single.
  • Sterile operator: Remove the Patient Cassette from the package. Keep the Cannula and Shaver tubing, and hand the cassette to the non-sterile operator to load into the pump.


  • Non-sterile operator: Open the clear front cover of the pump. Push the cassette tubing loop completely over pump wheel to the right. Push the cassette in place. The cassette should snap in place. The blue LED light adjacent to the Patient Cassette button will blink when the Patient Cassette is correctly positioned in the pump.
NOTE. Press each corner of the Cassette to make sure it is correctly mounted.​


  • Non-sterile operator: The three tubings attached to the left side of the Patient Cassette will align with the slots on the pump. Push the tubing completely into the slots as far as they will go. Align the tubing together where they exit the slot and hold them in position by closing the slide lock.


  • The correct tubing setup is shown in this figure.
  • Non-sterile operator: Connect the tubing marked WASTE to the waste collection container.
  • Non-sterile operator: Close the front cover


  • Non-sterile operator: Push the Patient Cassette button on the pump. Proper loading is verified in the Display.
  • Sterile operator: Connect the end of the OUTFLOW CANNULA tubing to the cannula. The tubing marked SHAVER is connected to the suction port of the shaver. If a shaver is not used, the tubing can remain disconnected.

Connecting the Arthro-Tube Single


  • Open the individual package. Use aseptic technique when opening the package. The package for the Double Pump Patient Cassette includes also the Double Pump Single.


  • Sterile operator: Remove the Double Pump Single from the package, and then remove the transparent wrapping.


  • The distal end of the Double Pump Day Cassette shall be connected to the Double Pump Single.
  • Sterile operator: Ensure that the transparent lure lock connection between the tubing and the valve is tightened.


  • Sterile operator: Close the red clamp on the Irrigation Tubing and hand over the proximal end (end with blue cap) of the tubing to the non-sterile operator.​
  • Non-sterile operator: If present, remove any used one-way valve from the Double Pump Day Cassette. Remove the blue cap from the Double Pump Single and connect the blue swivel connector to the transparent female lure lock connector on the distal end of the Double Pump Day Cassette.


  • Non-sterile operator: Open the white clamp near the Double Pump Day Cassette and the red clamp on the Double Pump Single.
  • The Double Pump Day Cassette and Double Pump Single can now be filled with sterile saline per the pump priming procedure. When the tube is filled, the red clamp on the Double Pump Single can be used to open or close the flow.
  • The distal end of the cassette should be connected to the irrigation tube contained in Double Pump Patient Cassette or the separate packing of the Double Pump Single.

Ordering Information


Item numberDescriptionPackaging
Day Set
20 pcs/Box
Patient Set
20 pcs/Box
100 pcs/Box
Adapter Blue
1 pcs/pack
Adapter Red
1 pcs/pack

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